Fireside Talk with Marie Ringler

? 25 August 2021

On 25th August, Club Alpbach Senza Confini organised a fireside chat with Marie Ringler, member of the Global Leadership Group of Ashoka, which is the biggest network for Social Entrepreneurs worldwide. Since November 2020, she is also Vice-President and Board Member of the European Forum Alpbach.

In 2011, Marie founded Ashoka’s Austrian office and soon took over Regional Director for Central and Eastern Europe. In 2018 she was appointed European Leader of Ashoka. Before her work with Ashoka, she had over ten years of experience working for Die Grünen (the Austrian Green Party) in Vienna.

In the Fireside Chat we talked about her life path, her work and role at Ashoka, and her experience in politics. A central theme of the chat was social entrepreneurship, especially how it works, how it can be measured, and how it can be financed and supported. Lastly, but not in order of importance, we also talked about her vision for and contribution to the present and future of the European Forum Alpbach.

Thank you very much Marie for our chat! We loved getting into a deep conversation with you in the beautiful Alpine setting of Alpbach!


Find out more about Marie Ringler on her website: marieringler.at