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Since 2003, Club Alpbach Senza Confini has awarded scholarships for the European Forum Alpbach (EFA) to highly motivated students and young professionals from Carinthia, Northern Italy and Slovenia. In the summer of 2018, it was a great pleasure to welcome our 300th scholarship holder in Alpbach: a great success we could only achieve thanks to the generous support of our numerous public and private sponsors!

We are a nonprofit organization and we use all our income to pay for scholarships, accommodation in Alpbach, and informational events within our region. All of us are either full-time students or young professionals with full personal agendas. Yet, we are passionate about working for the Club in our free time, as we believe in the ideas of the European Forum Alpbach and we are eager to promote them. We believe that it is crucial to create an energetic network of young people in the Alpe Adria Region who are critical thinkers willing to foster a European spirit.

The four core tasks of our association are:

  • Raising funds for scholarships
  • Organizing informational events in our region
  • Selecting new scholarship holders
  • Continuing our work, thus enabling further ambitious young people to participate in the Forum

Our supporters can choose different sponsorship packages. Their volumes range from partial contributions to a full scholarship, to more scholarships. In return, we offer you privileged contact with our high-profile and high-level scholarship holders, as well as public visibility at all our public events in the region, in Alpbach, and online.

1 full scholarship consists of the following components:

880 € : Participation Fee
550 € : Bed and Breakfast
150 € : Expenses

Remark: The European Alpbach Foundation grants us a 50% discount on the participation fees (originally, 1600 €/person).

Supporting us with 1500 € enables us to pay the participation fees AND the accommodation for one scholarship holder. Read further to understand what we offer to you in our Bronze, Silver and Gold packages.

Participation Fee
Bed & Breakfast

EFA Scholarships awarded by Club Alpbach Senza Confini


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