Alpe Adria Reception 2022

The Alpe Adria Reception took place on August 26 in Alpbach, in the Hotel Post.

The Alpe Adria Reception has always been the highlight for all club members of Senza Confini as it connects the young talents from our club with experts from Carinthia, Italy and Slovenia. Aligned to the #Spirit of Alpbach, we organized a lively fishbowl discussion related to one of the key topics from this year’s Forum: the climate opportunity, focusing on the sustainability of our energy systems. The chosen format opened the discussion to all our participants, who enriched it by bringing intergenerational and intercultural perspectives. Our main speaker were dr. Monika Bosilj, from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, dr. Piero Petrucco from Confindustria Udine, and dr. Miha Kampuš, CEO of Piadeno. After the discussion, participants were encouraged to take part to a networking game, aimed at making people meet in the region in the following month. The aim was to provide an opportunity to share experiences from academic and professional backgrounds and to celebrate the pro-European spirit of our borderless Club.