Great news from the CASC family!

If you are interested in participating in Darwin & Marie, CASC has a sponsorship opportunity for you!

Fill in this form to apply for a scholarship for the event. Three people from the CASC family will receive a scholarship for Darwin & Marie, taking place in Vienna on 27 February 2020.

DEADLINE FOR APPLYING for the CASC sponsorship: 17 February 2020!

DARWIN & MARIE is a conference, organised by the Darwin’s Circle, and dedicated to female leadership in technology, science and innovation. It will showcase and connect founders, CEOs and managers who foster innovation and diversity.

Through DARWIN & MARIE we celebrate the efforts of Marie Curie, the Polish-French physicist and chemist, who was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize – paving the way for so many women who drive groundbreaking transformation in IT, science and innovation today.

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We warmly thank the Darwin’s Circle for this collaboration!
Don’t miss out on this interesting event!

(All pictures are courtesy of the Darwin’s Circle)